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Planet Garden How Crafts Can Put a Little Green in Your Pocket

Posted in Sustainable Column by planetgarden on December 1, 2009

Need a place to Earn Christmas Money from Your Crafts?
With all of the cute crafts, arties, Indie arts and folk artists in Thomaston where can you go to sell your crafts to put a little Green in your holiday pocket?
This Saturday, bring your handiwork to the Sleighbell Arts Market in the former RC Cola Building at 215 Barnesville Street in Thomaston. This is a community fundraiser to support our local artisans as an annual holiday handmade arts and crafts sale where the funds go directly to the artisans.  Along with your crafts, be sure to invite about 5 friends to come out take a look at what you have to sell.  These are the 3 top reasons why we have seen successful vendors selling their products when they bring along their friends–
1-debut your works…it’s a great way for your friends to begin to see what you have been making,
2-build your reputation and customer base for your product line, 
3- if 20 vendors bring along only 5 friends each…how many shoppers will choose from holiday arts and crafts at the market? At least 100!
Most craft fairs charge a fee to set up or a daily fee but at Bluebird Market, there is no fee to set up and you only pay $5.00 a day AFTER you sell $20.00 of your products. So, you can come out and give the market a try and unless you make over twenty dollars it is completely no charge. In addition, when your friends and family members come early, they can enjoy a free community breakfast from 8 -9 am. This week Earlybird shoppers at the Sleighbell Arts Market may enjoy free Cranberry Pancakes with Marmalade Syrup along with hot chocolate and coffee.
The family-friendly market has an inside venue and opens at 8 am until noon. Vendors are welcome and should email or just come out ready to set up. This is a local fundraiser for our Bluebird Artists, and Guild members and everyone is welcome to shop the market and support hometown local artisans.
Our country was built and will continue to be strong because we support our local community people in their small business ventures.
If you are seeking a place to sell your handmade crafts to earn extra Christmas money, you are invited to set up at the Sleighbell Arts Market, 215 Barnesville Street, Thomaston on Saturday December 5th. Bring your friends and sell your handmade toys, vintage crafts, holiday ornaments, decorative party ware, table linens, beadwork, woodwork, paintings, knitting, quiltwork,  and other handmade craft items. A fun, easy and impressive opportunity this Saturday to put a little green in your holiday pocket.


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