PLANET GARDEN: Eco-Friendly Resource Guide

Eco Friendly Classrooms


Contests & Awards
Athens-Clarke County Greenfest Green Challenge
A Very Fish Naming Contest
Teens for Planet Earth Service Award
TogetherGreen Conservation Leadership Program
Write On! Wetlands Illustration Challenge
10th Annual ECO-MEET Middle School Challenge
World of Children Awards Program
Eco-Adventure Survival of the Fittest
Heartspring: Award for Innovation and Creativity in Special Education
North American Association for EE Awards
Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams
National Ocean Sciences Bowl
When You Garden, You GROW Giveaway
Nominate Students for Gloria Barron Prize
Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching
Frog Poetry Contest
Frog Art Contest
Windland Smith Rice International Youth Photography Competition
LifeLab School Garden Video Contest
Earth Day Photo Contest
Spirit of Green School Awards
Junior Master Gardener Coconut Float Song Video Contest
Brower Youth Environmental Awards
Geotourism Innovation Competition
National EE Week Photo Blog Contest
Lucky Duckey Ocean Protectors Essay Contest
Parent Group of the Year
Edward C. Roy, Jr. Award for Excellence in K-8 Earth Science Teaching
NAAEE Conference Scholarships
Garden Crusader Awards
Families Gone Wild
Free O.S. Cross Cabbages from Bonnie Plants!
Apprentice Ecologist Volunteer Litter Cleanup Program for Youth
The Weather Channel’s Care and Share Contest
America’s Greenest School
Leadership in Science Education Award
John Muir Youth Award
Nominate a Kid for Radio Disney’s Team Green!
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
National Schoolyard Birding Competition
Junior Ranger Essay Contest
Energy Conservation Experiment Units & Awards Program
Georgia Green & Healthy Schools Awards Program
Teaching Resources
Special Days for EE: 2009 Planner
Georgia Outdoor Classroom Guide
Special Facing the Future Curriculum Offer
Holding on to the Green Zone: A Youth Program for the Study and Stewardship of Community Riparian Areas
Be Water Wise in School



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