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Planet Garden Shares a Cup of Tea with Local Artisans

Posted in Sustainable Column by planetgarden on February 12, 2010

Truly sharing a cup of tea led to a small group of lovely local artisans making plans to go out and tell their friends at other Middle Georgia arts events how delightful it is to live, work, play and create arts in Thomaston Georgia. Ladies love unwrapping presents – and Bluebird Arties were delighted to find at their plate Valentine Gifts – including a red drawstring mini-purse filled with Mary Kay lipsticks, lip liners, a Giftcard for a Free Pampering Session, a Complimentary Facial, Satin Hands and Lips Treatment, Color Makeover and a $10.00 Gift Certificate!
While sharing a cup of hot tea at the home of Diane Dunn, Bluebird Artisan Guild members discussed how spring will bring fun opportunities in Thomaston for Middle Georgia artists.  Plans were made to invite local artists into the Guild and embrace our local arts culture as a united group of self taught artisans working together.   Online networking ideas and reading news stories about upcoming trade shows made the tea party an informative as well as a fun social arts gathering. 
One local artisan shared the idea for Bluebird Arties to each have a Bluebird display logo for their booth when traveling to neighboring events in Middle Georgia.  The aim of these ambassadors for the arts is to encourage tourism and network with friends of the arts about fun upcoming festivals in Thomaston. 
Tasty Salmon Pate’ was served at the Guild Valentine Tea and luncheon.  Heart shaped teacups and saucers in bright lime, pink and purple were filled from pink teapots of Lemon, Royal Raspberry and Green herbal teas.  Local bakers prepared Cottage Industry baked goods that were served on a lovely 3 tier serving piece along with valentine candies and mints.

We also took notes in a daytimer book and pen gift set and enjoyed a fun assortment of Valentine Party favors including a lovely heart fan, a Guide to the Art of Victorian Fan Language, fun temporary Princess tattoos, red and pink tiaras and lip whistles.  The Bluebird Artisan Guild Valentine Tea Party illustrated that sharing tea can lead to serving together to support our local arts community.
Middle Georgia Artisans interested in becoming involved with Forward Bluebird Arts are invited to email: and visit