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Planet Garden Pinwheels for Peace

Posted in Sustainable Column by planetgarden on September 13, 2009

In today’s world, peace needs to become more than just a word. On September 19, 2009, Bluebird Market plans to take part in an International art and literacy project, Pinwheels for Peace by “planting” pinwheels with messages of peace in the community Bluebird Victory Garden at 215 Barnesville Street in Thomaston.
Pinwheels for Peace is an art installation project started in 2005 by two Art teachers, Ann Ayers and Ellen McMillan, of Coconut Creek, Florida, as a way for students to express their feelings about what’s going on in the world and in their lives. In the first year, groups in over 1,325 locations throughout the world were spinning pinwheels on September 21st – there were approximately 500,000 pinwheels spinning throughout the world. Last year (year 4), 2008, over 2.3 million pinwheels were spinning in over 3,000 locations, including the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Locally, Bluebird Market, will be coordinating the Pinwheels for Peace project this year.
This project is non-political – peace doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with the conflict of war, it can be related to violence/intolerance in our daily lives, to peace of mind. To each of us, peace can take on a different meaning, but, in the end, it all comes down to a simple definition: “a state of calm and serenity, with no anxiety, the absence of violence, freedom from conflict or disagreement among people or groups of people.”
Bluebird Market will create pinwheels, pinwheels of all shapes and sizes – as part of the creation process, students, scouts, and Market guests will write their thoughts about “war and peace / tolerance/ living in harmony with others” on one side. On the other side, they will draw, paint, collage, etc. to visually express their feelings. Scouts may then earn the Pinwheels for Peace Patch through their Scouting program. The students, scouts, and guests will assemble these pinwheels and on Saturday, September 19th, to make a difference for International Day of Peace they will “plant” their pinwheels in the community garden in Thomaston at 215 Barnesville Street, as a public statement and art exhibit. We invite you to come out on Monday, September 21st, the actual International Day of Peace, and walk through the garden to tour the exhibit.
On September 21, 2009, keep a lookout for the pinwheels – the spinning of the pinwheels in the wind will spread thoughts and feelings about peace throughout the country and the world!
For more information, go to or contact Bluebird Market at 404-300-9519 or, Email:


Planet Garden Likes Twitter in Plain English

Posted in Environmental Education by planetgarden on April 21, 2009

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It’s fun to pretend the  Carla in this video is our very own Green Mahma Twitter!

Planet Garden Celebrates Earth Day Thomaston at Bluebird Victory Garden Party

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 18, 2009


Join us for Earth Day Thomaston outside in the Bluebird Victory Garden at the old R.C. Cola Building, 215 Barnesville Street.  Thank you to everyone making this event a success.

bird-on-green-apple2-4earthday-poster4Join Recycle Man at Earth Day Thomaston0308-solar-smores-photo-180-ff0408sciena092fh_ffa_logo

On Earth Day, April 22, come by anytime after school from 3-5  and join Recycle Man as we sing songs, win prizes, and plant wildflowers from the GA Forestry Commission.  Greet the FFA officers and order your copy of, the soon to be released,  FFA: Victory Garden Cookbook. After students enjoy vege and Hawaiian pizza’s given by Domino’s, Thomaston Scouts will recycle the pizza boxes to make solar ovens for Solar S’mores.  Come join the fun and celebrate What a Wonderful World.

Planet Garden Enjoys Charlie Brown Playing Ball in a Victory Garden

Posted in Environmental Education by planetgarden on April 17, 2009

Planet Garden is EE Effort of Greensun Recycling

Posted in Environmental Education by planetgarden on April 6, 2009

Visit the Thomaston Times for eco-friendly actions in Middle Georgia.  Planet Garden is ancopy-of-earthday-poster-1 Environmental Education Effort of Greensun Recycling. Follow our community victory garden project.   Click here for Sustainable Living Weekly Column.

“We want our planet to be a garden, not a landfill. 

So we have fun developing and educating about recycling.”