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Planet Garden 2nd Annual Earth Day Thomaston

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 25, 2009
Be Bright Go Green Earthday Thomaston

Be Bright Go Green Earthday Thomaston


Planet Garden Earth Day Thomaston Event on Earth Day Network

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 21, 2009

Click here to visit the Earth Day Thomaston Victory Garden Party event listing on Earth Day Network.earthday-network-official-poster

Planet Garden Celebrates Earth Day Thomaston at Bluebird Victory Garden Party

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 18, 2009


Join us for Earth Day Thomaston outside in the Bluebird Victory Garden at the old R.C. Cola Building, 215 Barnesville Street.  Thank you to everyone making this event a success.

bird-on-green-apple2-4earthday-poster4Join Recycle Man at Earth Day Thomaston0308-solar-smores-photo-180-ff0408sciena092fh_ffa_logo

On Earth Day, April 22, come by anytime after school from 3-5  and join Recycle Man as we sing songs, win prizes, and plant wildflowers from the GA Forestry Commission.  Greet the FFA officers and order your copy of, the soon to be released,  FFA: Victory Garden Cookbook. After students enjoy vege and Hawaiian pizza’s given by Domino’s, Thomaston Scouts will recycle the pizza boxes to make solar ovens for Solar S’mores.  Come join the fun and celebrate What a Wonderful World.

Planet Garden Fun Recipe to Celebrate Earth Day: Solar S’mores

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 16, 2009
Make a Solar Oven in a  recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil

Make a Solar Oven in a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil

Earth Day Solar S’mores
1 box Golden Grahams cereal

1 box Cookie Crisp cereal

1 box Organic Chocolate cereal

2 bags mini marshmallows

2 bags milk chocolate chips

In a large bowl, simply combine cereals, and stir in marshmallows. Fill individual plastic bags. Sprinkle about 1 Tablespoon of chocolate chips per bag. When ready to enjoy, explain the power of solar energy as bags are placed for several minutes in the sun until chips are melted. This is a fun learning experience to demonstrate ways we can re-power with radiant energy.  You may also make a Solar Oven by lining a recycled pizza box with aluminum foil to use solar heat to make traditional s’mores.

Planet Garden Earthday Thomaston Beautification Window Poster

Posted in Earth Day by planetgarden on April 13, 2009

Show your support for efforts to establish the Keep Thomaston Upson Beautiful program. Display this bright sunflower in your business or classroom window. Print as a poster or print on 2 x 4″  clear label sheets and give out sunflower stickers to your friends to encourage beautification and eco-friendly living. Be bright, go green.

Earthday Thomaston
Earthday Thomaston Poster

For stickers, print the following on 2 x 4″ clear label sheets. (Found at Walmart)earthday-thomaston-poster

Here is a Be Bright, Go Green beautification sticker/poster for you to print and display in your classroom, home, business or website.  Print as an eco-friendly poster or print on 2 x 4″ clear label sticker sheets -(available locally at Walmart-find with computer mailing label paper).  Griffin is the Iris City and displays an iris for Keep Griffin Spalding Beautiful.  As we work to establish Keep Thomaston Upson Beautiful, this bright sunflower will show your support and encourage local beautification, victory gardens and eco-friendly efforts. Right click and Click “Save Picture As” to download the sunflower poster for your business , home or website.