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Planet Garden Fun Place for Fresh Food Ideas at Bluebird Market

Posted in Sustainable Column by planetgarden on January 1, 2010

We are so fortunate to be in the growing Farmers Market Industry. In the last decade, Farmers Markets have almost doubled in number in our country according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The impact local farmers markets are making is stunning with numbers that show the potential of authentic fresh food local markets. Downtown districts and historic places are seeking farmers markets to bring vibrancy and fresh foods to people each week at local venues.
One best practices market has over 70 vendors that bring an array of fresh flowers, herbs, fruits, and veggies each week to local people. These markets are thriving and enrich communities and are in top demand across our country. It is an exciting time if you are an authentic grower or farmer with fresh produce. When supermarkets are not structured to deal with local farmers by their very nature, farmers markets offer shoppers all of the finest foods that are grown locally and fresh picked.
If you have a plot of land, I encourage you to put it to its highest and best use. 
Here are 3 fun ideas to become a fresh foods vendor at Bluebird Market. 1-Grow Flowers…Plant flower seeds and sell zinnias, sunflowers and more this summer at the market. 2-Grow Herbs…. Plant fresh mint, Stevia, or fresh basil and develop a client base for fresh herbs that bring us such delicious flavors.  3- Grow Heirloom Vegetable Varieties…Investigate Ark of Taste products like Cherokee PurpleTomatoes and Heirloom products to determine if you might like to grow these varieties and offer them to others in our local market.
Bluebird Market is a fresh foods market! Last summer through the fall and ongoing now we have organic and fresh herbs, flowers, veggies and fruits. We are heading into a new decade aftr having a bountiful first year with many terrific demonstrations on healthy ways to prepare fresh foods. It is so much fun to come out each week and see the Kitchen Show! I am totally amazed at our local culinary experts who are bringing all of the unique, delicious and simple ways to prepare fresh and local foods for our families.
For those who want a fun place with fresh food ideas, Bluebird Market has a new centrally located marketplace in the historic downtown train depot. The Ponderosa is open and now operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Thanks to the vision of Andy York, owner of the Ponderosa establishment, Bluebird Market is bringing it’s thriving community of fresh and local food items to this centrally located downtown venue at 218 E. Center Street. If you know of people that are local growers…like a friend who has pecan trees or apple trees and would like to market their produce, please encourage them to come by the train depot on Saturday mornings from 8 am until noon.
Bluebird Market is such a fun place for fresh food ideas. We are thrilled as this new decade begins to now be in this historic downtown venue that is centrally located. Visit Bluebird Market in the historic train depot for a fun place to find fresh food ideas and all the best in local flavors.
Enrich your life Saturdays, 8 am until noon, at Bluebird Market, a fun place to find fresh food ideas, 218 N. Center Street. Explore with us each week to discover simple ways we can affordably contribute to sustainable and renewable eco-friendly living.